Introduction Leg8cy.

Many loved ones face chronic health illnesses in their lives and may wish to leave behind messages for their loved ones to remember. For special occasions or just to save "I love you", Leg8cy will also allow you or your loved ones to send messages and gifts to friends and family in the future.



Leg8cy was created due to the uncertainty of life.

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Send Messages

Your messages will be delivered during and after life.

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Leg8cy Diary

A special place to capture your personal memories.

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About. How Leg8cy Started.

Leg8cy was created due to the uncertainty of life.


I had a relative that was diagnosed with cancer. One day I get an unexpected visit from him and he just wanted to hang out. The next time I saw him was months later at his funeral. He left behind a 6-year-old daughter and it broke my heart to know that she will never hear her father say, "I love you" again.

If Leg8cy was around when my brother-in-law was diagnosed he would have definitely left some messages for his daughter. Imagine if she got a happy birthday message from her dad. That would be one of the greatest days of her life. Her birthday would be the most important day to look forward to.

We want everyone to have to capability of sending a message during and after life. If we can help one person connect with a loved one and leave behind a Leg8cy, we will feel fulfilled and accomplished.

~Jack, Co-Founder


My family is one of the most important things to me, and I love taking photos of them. Much of the time, these photos are kept on a hard drive, and they may never be shared. Even photo albums will eventually be put in a closet to never be viewed again. When I find an old album, I look back and wonder what stories lay behind those black and white photos of my parents.

Through Leg8cy, I can preserve those memories which were dearest to me, with the closest people in my life. I know that someday, my grandchildren will look at these photos and videos and read my commentaries and laugh with me. And even if I am gone, by using Leg8cy, I can send them messages on their special occasions.

~George Lai, Co-Founder

Send Messages. After Life.

Your default Leg8cy release date will be set for 8 months after the last time you login. After you sign up you can set your Leg8cy to release whenever you wish.

Leg8cy Diary. Timeline.

Your Leg8cy Diary is your private online diary. Private thoughts, private moments, for your eyes only. If you wish you can dedicate your private Leg8cy to a loved one after life.

Your default Leg8cy release date is set to start delivering your messages 8 months from the last time you login. Each time you login your Leg8cy countdown will reset. You can change this to any amount of time in the future. When you're Leg8cy is close to being released you will get warning notifications in your email. If you do not respond to any of the emails we will start to release your Leg8cy.

In some cases you might want your Leg8cy to start while you are alive. If you have dementia or Alzheimer's it would be refreshing for your loved ones to still hear from you. We give you 100% control of your Leg8cy. If your Leg8cy is released and you are still alive you have 100% control. You have control of setting your Leg8cy release date and you will receive warning emails prior to your Leg8cy being released. If your Leg8cy is released and you are still alive simply log in and your Leg8cy release date will get reset.

No. Leg8cy gives you 100% control. You decide when your messages get released.

Anyone can unsubscribe to your messages at any time.

Send unlimited messages FREE. Adding a photo or video to your message is FREE. Leg8cy will always be FREE.

Leg8cy is very secure. The whole website uses SSL, which means all the information you enter is encrypted from your computer to our servers. Additionally all of your messages and private information is encrypted.

Meet Our Team.

Jack Lau

Founder, CEO

George Lai

Founder, President